Names and Numbers: Should You Name Your Chapters?

Whether or not to use chapter titles or numbers is a subjective choice that varies with each novel. This decision typically rests with the writer (if you are self-publishing), and the writer, agent, and publisher collectively (if you are traditionally publishing), who must determine the most effective approach for the story.  Several factors need to […]

Blogging 101: How to start your author blog

keyboard letters blog

A blog is a tool authors can leverage to gain attention. They draw traffic to author websites, spread an author’s name, and can even be used to increase book sales.  Nowadays, everyone has a blog. But, despite how easy it is to format a blog and post it to the web, making one isn’t that […]

Beyond the Red Pen: Giving Constructive Criticism

red pen mistakes

If anyone has read your work, chances are you’ve received feedback on it, whether you asked for it or not. You probably ignored most of it. Giving good feedback can be a problem in the writing community. It requires understanding and empathy.  How can you respond to someone else’s writing in a way that helps […]

What to Do After NaNoWriMo

Since the start of NaNoWriMo in 1999, the writing community faces a daunting but rewarding annual challenge. From Day 1 of November, participants spring to reach a specific word count in the span of one month. All over the world, writers pour word after word onto page after page in hopes of gaining stickers and, […]

Beginning the Book: How to Write the First Draft

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The first draft is one of the trickiest stages to be at in the writing process. Many aspiring writers get stuck here and ultimately give up. But you don’t have to. With the right strategies, you can confidently complete your first draft.  Here are some steps to help you get through this process.  The Set […]

Novel Ideas: How Reading Critically Strengthens Your Writing

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No matter where they are on their writing journey, a good writer will always be looking for ways to improve their craft. Even so, the question, “How do I become a better writer?” is often asked by new and young writers. And just as often, the answer they receive is, “Read more.” That’s it.  “But,” […]