Novels are fictional prose written in a narrative style. They tell stories which appear as a series of events in a sequence. Novels are the most popular form of fiction in the world and if you’re like most people, you must have read novels and secretly wished you could exist on the pages of those books.

Novels give a description of life, different from what you know and can be a source of support, offer a feeling of kinship or solution to a problem.

In today’s world, people say you should write at least one book in your lifetime.

You may have an idea, and think it would be great for a novel but you hesitate because you’re not certain if you should write it or not.

In this article, you’ll discover five reasons why you should write a novel.

  1. It offers an opportunity to tell your story:  It’s not enough to be called a storyteller by friends and family. You must get those words on paper and into the hands of people. Storytelling is a skill and you shouldn’t take it for granted.
  2. It establishes you an authority in your field: Being an author comes with a high level of credibility. You become a source that people quote from, listen to and imitate. People would want to know what you think about issues, and will take decisions in line with your words.  You are established as an authority in your field, and can be consulted by others.
  3. It gives an opportunity to stand out from others: There are many competitions in your profession. Writing a novel can differentiate you from all others practicing the same profession as you. It gets you noticed.
  4. It gives you access to the market place: Your novel is the best marketing tool you could ever have. Not only does it makes an introduction for you, it also gets you a fan base that will help you advertise other services and products you may offer later. You get recognition each time you drop something new and sell off faster than others in that field.
  5. It provides an opportunity for you to launch your business: Your book (novel) is just one expression of your message. Once you have a book out there, you can introduce scores of other products. Your novel can lead to the creation of audiobooks, to memes, to merch, caps, quote frames, and many more. You get access to different platforms, and get to collaborate with many like-minded persons in your line.  It also gets you an introduction to high places.  In her book, ‘Year of Yes’, screenwriter, Shonda Rhimes explains how her successful movies got her an invite to the White House.

Writing a novel is not easy. There is a lot of element to consider and put together but the benefits outweigh the pain. So, just do it.